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Looking for Professional Translation Services in India? Your search ends here! Lisan India is the best translation agency in India, catering to a diverse range of translation needs. Whether you require document translation services, website translation services, certified translation services, or any other translation service, we have the expertise to fulfil your requirements flawlessly.

Why choose Lisan India for your translation services? We specialize in providing top-notch multilingual content across major world languages. As a leading translation company in India, we offer solutions for various scenarios:

Website and Application Translation

Product and Service Translation

Continuous Translation Support

Print and Digital Content Translation

Organizational Storytelling

Daily Translation Requirements

We’ve got you covered in these scenarios and more. Lisan India is renowned as the top translation agency in India, serving satisfied clients across Asia, Europe (including the UK), and America.

Best Translation Agency in India

For over a decade, we have been translating documents, websites and apps for corporates, IT & software companies, global enterprises, consulting firms, Startups, hospitals, R&D units, government departments and non-profit organizations. We have served our clientele belonging to several industries including Marketing, FMCG, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Science, Information Technology, Education, E-learning, E-commerce, Gaming, Finance and non-profit. We support over 100 languages including Indian languages, West Asian and South Asian languages, major European languages and some African languages. We have specialized competence in RTL (right to left), CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and Indian scripts.

Translation is a specialized niche and it demands specificset of skills, competencies and dedications. In order to fulfil these expectations and also to comply with the global industry standards of quality, confidentiality and professional integrity, we only work with experienced native translators of each language. These native linguists are included in our database of approved collaborators after rigorous screening, testing and verifying professional credentials. Apart from selecting linguists carefully, we employ stringent quality measures to ensure that your message reaches its target audience without any loss in meaning or context.

Key Features

We can summarize key features of translation services at Lisan in ten points below:

  • We are a translators’ owned business that understand your unique needs and strive to fulfil them in a unique way
  • We are a full-service translation company with extensive experience of working with businesses of different scales
  • Our efficient sales and project management teams make it easier to buy services and develop project implementation plans for the client
  • We have active support on email throughout all major time zones
  • We comply with international industry standards in each step of translation projects
  • Use of translation technologies is ensured to enhance productivity and maintain consistency
  • Only experienced native translators with university degree work on your content
  • 100% human translation is provided unless machine translation is required by the client
  • We don’t offer cheap rates but we offer very competitive pricing based on value proposition
  • Proofreading or review by a second linguist is one of the active quality measures we use

Translation prices at Lisan India

When it comes to translation, the prices play a very important role in selecting your provider and we understand the competitive advantage of being cost effective. Based on the feedback from our customers, we proudly claim that our translation rates are one of the key reasons that makes us stand out from the crowd. It has been a unique experience to be able to offer low rates with maintaining global standards of translation quality.

How we determine prices of translation depends primarily on the nature and scope of requirement. To keep it simple, below are some of the factors which help determine translation rates:

Pricing factor

How we determine prices of translation depends primarily on the nature and scope of requirement. To keep it simple, below are some of the factors which help determine translation rates:

Scope of the project

Whether it’s only translation or other services like transcreation or DTP is needed

Quality steps
Whether it’s standard TEP (translation & edit-proof) request involving two linguists to work or any other quality steps are required
Volume of the project
What is the quantity of words and whether it will be an ongoing project
Project Languages
Source and target languages with choices of specific locales, if any
Content type
Briefly describe your content like legal content, website, marketing brochure etc. and whether they are of general nature or specialized
Content Formats
What are source formats of content and what are desired output formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, XML, Strings, SDL Trados etc.
Delivery Speed
What is the desired timeline for project completion, if any

Based on the these factors, our pricing is determined for your translation requirements. When you contact our team for a quote, they will need to understand the above points and hence send you a customized quote. During our initial discussions, we suggest best approaches to minimize the cost for the client, wherever possible.

You can trust us with all kinds of translation projects, including websites, marketing materials, legal documents and many more! We’ll work closely with you throughout the process so that we understand exactly what you wish to say. We promise our final delivery for you will be error-free and ready for publication on your website or social media channels! Let us help take care of all your translation needs today!

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