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Who We Are

Lisan India is a New Delhi-based Translation Service Provider India. We are a dynamic team driven by a deep passion for languages and a commitment to fostering linguistic diversity worldwide. With expertise in over 100 language pairs from across the globe, Lisan India as a Language Service Provider, holds a dominant position in the realm of translation, particularly in Asian languages. What sets Lisan India apart is that it is a translators-owned business, with the founders themselves being seasoned professionals in the translation industry. This inherent understanding and mastery of Indian languages have become the foundation of our unrivaled strength.

Our mission at Lisan India is to deliver state-of-the-art translation services, propelled by a dedicated team of language experts. With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge techniques, we strive to provide the highest quality of translation services to our clients.

Translation Company in Delhi, India

Are you in search of professional translation services in Delhi India? Look no further! Lisan India stands out as the premier translation agency in Delhi India, offering expertise in document, website, and certified translations, tailored to your specific needs. Trust us for accurate and efficient language solutions that ensure seamless communication across diverse platforms.

Translation Services in Delhi, India

We specialize in localization services and multilingual desktop publishing, ensuring seamless communication across diverse languages and platforms including:

  • Website and Application Translation
  • Product and Service Translation
  • Continuous Translation Support
  • Print and Digital Content Translation
  • Organizational Storytelling
  • Daily Translation Requirements

What We Offer


At Lisan India, we understand that language is the key to bridging gaps and seizing international opportunities. With a dedicated team of native linguists, we go beyond words, ensuring your message resonates culturally and accurately. From legal documents to marketing materials, technical manuals to medical reports, we’re your trusted partner for every translation need.


We specialize in providing comprehensive localization services tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise allows you to navigate the intricacies of global markets with ease. We adapt your content to resonate seamlessly with diverse cultures, ensuring your message maintains its impact and relevance across borders. With our meticulous approach, we help you unlock international success!


Transcreation is an art, and our team of creative linguists excels at blending cultural nuances with creative flair. This approach ensures that your content not only crosses linguistic boundaries but also resonates deeply with your target audience. Whether you’re looking to expand your brand’s global reach or connect with diverse markets, Lisan will help you strike the perfect balance between cultural sensitivity and impactful communication.

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

Step into the realm of Machine Translation Post-Editing with Lisan India. We seamlessly blend advanced automation with our team’s linguistic expertise. Our human touch refines automated translations, ensuring not only precision and clarity but also a deep understanding of cultural nuances. MTPE isn’t just about correction; it’s about elevating your content to resonate effectively with your target audience.


At Lisan, we understand the critical importance of quality in every piece of content. Our expert review services go beyond the surface, immersing deep into your material to ensure precision, clarity, and cultural relevance. Our meticulous examination process guarantees that your message not only meets but exceeds expectations. Enhance your communication today with Lisan India’s dedication to excellence in every word.


Lisan, a renowned translation services provider in India, is dedicated to consistently delivering a comprehensive and cost-effective subtitling solution tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Our expertise in multilingual translation, deep cultural understanding, and technological proficiency form the cornerstone of our subtitling service.

Why Choose Us

Translators Owned Business

We are a business owned by “professional translators” that will understand and cater to your unique needs providing you refined results.

As professional translators, our experience has led us to indulge in varied domains of the respective industry; leading us to comprehend our client’s specific needs achieving their eventual contentment.

Agile and Adaptable

We focus on being swift yet detail-oriented through collaborations and have flexible means to carry out relevant amendments and changes smoothly, as per your demands.

Besides providing agile lingual benefits, we never compromise on quality and try our best to adhere by this in the toughest scenarios.

Translation Technologies

Technology being a vital part of every aspect in today’s world, why should we be left behind!

We endeavor to make the best use of the latest technologies in our services which allows us to produce better results and further polish and dexterously improvise them, whilst being precise, apt and time-efficient.

100% Human Translation

Being better than good and thriving for the best!

Our organization aims strictly in providing human translation so as to keep in consent the essence and soul of a text from the source in the target language to the most; only with optimal quality assurance steps to hinder any errors or mistakes.

International Standards

We rigorously comply with the “International Standards” which are universally followed in the industry and implement the best practices applicable in our work.

Our sole aim is to encourage positive communication through translation that can be incorporated globally, minimizing any region-specific complications.

Competitive Pricing

We humbly affirm of fair finance in the industry for the services that we offer consenting to be customer-friendly.

We make sure to promote the best service cost that is profligative and at the same time modest to our users, making us flexible and financially competent to others in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lisan select a translator to work on a specific project?

Based on the domain expertise, qualifications, and translation experience, the best suitable linguist(s) (translator/reviewer) is selected for the project from Lisan India’s worldwide pool of well-experienced and qualified native linguists. All our linguists have a minimum of five years of experience in the domain they are working in. Many of them hold a degree/diploma in their specialization as well.

How do we ensure quality and accuracy of the translations delivered to our clients?

Providing quality translation service has always been an uncompromised parameter at Lisan India.

To ensure the best quality of our translation services, two separate linguists are involved in the process- one translates the source text while the other reviews it to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the translation and suggests changes where required. These suggestions are shared with the first linguist who updates the translation based on it.

Apart from that, Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of our process for all the translation projects within our organization. The QA is performed by one of the QA specialists in our internal team before the final client delivery by the Project manager. We resolve the issues found in QA with the help of the reviewer of the project. Every linguist including the reviewer/proof- reader involved in a project is a native speaker.

What procedure for translation is followed by Lisan once there is a project in hand?
From assignment to delivery, the complete step-wise procedure followed at Lisan India is mentioned below-

  • Once a project is assigned to us, we conduct background research to understand the domain of the content. Then a project-specific instruction is prepared in close collaboration with the client.
  • The content provided by the client is prepared for translation in a workable format for the linguist. This step is especially required when a specific CAT tools like MemoQ, SDL Trados, etc. is required in the project and the content has been provided to us in a generic format such as HTML, Doc, etc.
  • After completing this step, we send emails to specific domain expert linguists to confirm their availability including service, language pair, word count, deadline, Instructions and cost. If a linguist confirms their availability, we send the files via our TMS (Translation Management System).
  • Once the translator sends the translated files, we send the same to the reviewer/proof-reader to check the translation for quality and accuracy and suggest changes wherever required. These suggestions are shared with the translator who updates the translation based on the feedback.

Apart from that, QA is an unavoidable process for all the translation projects with our organization. The QA is performed by one of the QA specialists in our internal team. We resolve the issues found in QA with the help of the reviewer of the project. Finally, the project Manager delivers the translated files to the client.

Are only native translators used at Lisan India for the translation projects?

Yes, we always use native, professional and experienced translators of the target language expert in their respective domains for all our translation and localization projects.

Can a small sample be done for a prospect client to demonstrate the quality and efficiency at Lisan India?

Yes, we can do small sample translations for prospect clients to assess and analyse our quality standards. Such sample translations are done free of charge at Lisan India.

What are average TATs for translations at Lisan India?
The average TAT depends on the volume and scope of work involved. We generally process up to 10000 words in 1 week after the confirmation from the client. This capacity may further be expanded based on the client’s requirements.
Does Lisan India provide certified translations as well?
Yes. According to the client’s requirements and instructions, we provide Translation Certificate/Declaration from our linguists and if any client needs the same from us, Lisan India provides the declaration on the Letter Head as well. Also, some clients need notarization of documents which is also provided at our firm, rest assured about the authenticity.
Are the uses of CAT tools employed at Lisan India? If yes, which ones are the prominent.
The use of CAT tools is positively implied in our projects at Lisan India, so as to expedite the workflow and improvise the quality and standards of authenticity. We use two types of CAT tools i.e offline and cloud-based. SDL Trados and MemoQ are the offline CAT tools that we currently use. In Cloud-based CAT tools, we have experience in XTM, Smartling, Phrase, Wordbee and many more.
What measures are employed to ensure the confidentiality of the shared data?

Lisan India understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality when handling sensitive information. We employ various measures and protocols to ensure the privacy and security of our clients’ documents and data. Here are some of the key steps that Lisan India takes to ensure confidentiality:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): We require our translators, editors, and project managers to sign NDAs, which legally bind them to maintain confidentiality. These agreements establish a contractual obligation to keep all client information strictly confidential.
  • Secure Data Storage: Lisan India employs secure data storage systems and technologies to safeguard client information. We use encrypted servers and cloud-based platforms that adhere to industry standards and best practices for data protection.
  • Secure Communication Channels: Lisan India employs secure communication channels for exchanging files and messages with clients. These channels include encrypted email services, secure file transfer protocols (SFTP), and/or password-protected client portal. By using these methods, we ensure that sensitive information remains encrypted during transit.
  • Controlled Access: Lisan India implements access control mechanisms to limit who can access client documents and data. We restrict access only to authorized personnel involved in the translation process and maintain a strict policy against sharing information with unauthorized individuals.
  • Rigorous Selection of Translators: We carefully vet their translators to ensure their expertise and professionalism. We select linguists who have proven track records and demonstrate a commitment to maintaining confidentiality. Lisan India’s translators are aware of the importance of handling sensitive information with care and follow strict confidentiality guidelines.
  • Confidentiality Training: We provide comprehensive training to our staff, emphasizing the importance of confidentiality and data protection. We educate employees on best practices, potential risks, and preventive measures to ensure that client information remains confidential throughout the translation process.
  • Secure Workflow Processes: We have established workflow processes designed to safeguard confidentiality. We implement internal quality control measures, ensuring that documents are handled and processed securely at every stage of the translation project. This includes secure file transfer, secure storage, and secure backups.
  • Regular IT Security Audits: Lisan India conducts regular audits of its IT infrastructure and security systems to identify and address any vulnerabilities. We keep up with the latest security standards, industry regulations, and technological advancements to maintain the highest level of data protection.
  • Confidentiality Policies and Compliance: We enforce strict confidentiality policy that outlines our commitment to protecting client information. The policy ensures that all employees understand their responsibilities regarding confidentiality and adhere to relevant legal and ethical standards.
  • Data Destruction: After completing translation projects, we often securely delete or destroy client data as per client requirements. This includes ensuring that any backups or temporary copies are also permanently removed.

By implementing these measures, Lisan India aims to create a secure environment where client information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We strive to maintain the trust of our clients and prioritize the protection of sensitive data throughout the translation process.

How do we control overall quality of a translation project at Lisan India?

We can summarise the procedure followed within Lisan India in 7 key points as mentioned below-

  • Defining clear project objectives: establish the purpose, target audience and desired outcome of the translation project.
  • Selecting competent translators: ensuring that translators are native speakers of the target language with expertise and experience of at least 5 years.
  • Providing comprehensive reference materials: Furnishing linguists with glossaries and relevant documents to maintain accuracy and consistency.
  • Implementing a review process: Assigning qualified reviewers to check the translated content against the source material for accuracy, grammar and fluency.
  • Using Translation Memory tools: Using computer-assisted translation tools to store and reuse previously translated segments, enhancing consistency and efficiency.
  • Conducting linguistic and cultural checks: Ensuring that the translation reflects the cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions of the target language.

Seeking feedback from stakeholders: Soliciting feedback from the client and the target audience (if possible) to assess the quality and make necessary improvements.

In which countries and cities does Lisan India provide translation services?

Lisan India, headquartered in New Delhi, provides exemplary translation services in India and overseas. Our esteemed clientele includes companies from diverse corners of the globe, benefiting from our online service model. Although our primary office is in New Delhi, Lisan India is recognized as one of the best translation companies in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. We extend our linguistic expertise across key global cities, leveraging a team of native linguists to ensure precision and cultural resonance in every translation project. With our commitment to excellence, Lisan India stands as a trusted choice for global language services. Whether you’re seeking translation services in any part of India – for example, ‘translation services in Bangalore,’ ‘translation services in Chennai,’ or ‘translation services in Mumbai’ – or you require our services in London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, etc., Lisan India is your go-to partner for linguistic precision on a global scale.

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