Lisan India welcomes all their clients with gratitude and we try our best to provide them with the choicest preferences of the services they want us to render.

Here is how we generally work following the steps mentioned below. Client instructions and requirements are paramount for us and we are sharp and apt with the deadlines.


Defining the scope, tasks & standards of the project; creating a project schedule; determining the software/tool requirements


Out lining the general and project specific instructions; preparing project glossary & style guide; preparing the project files for translation


Assigning a project manager to oversee the entire project; selection translators/linguists for the project; delivering files to the assigned resources


Completion of translation or localization; technical & linguistic editing/review; internal QA implementation; compilation of all files

Finalization and client delivery by project manager after verifying file naming conventions, delivery format and channel
Client edits
Receiving feedback or edit requests by client; implementing agreed changes by the concerned resources; redelivery post confirmation of edits

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