IT & Technical Translations

Expert and experienced translation services enable the IT and Technical industry to localize and globalize their products and services effectively without losing out on the gravity of technical content.

With over a decade of excellence and expertise in translation services, we understand the nuances of translating or localising technical documents for IT and Technical industries. Leading industry experts have relied on us for high-quality IT and technical translation services.

Lisan’s professional competence and integrity ensure that your UI Translation and Software Translation needs will be met to the highest standards.

Translate and Transcend with Lisan

Whether upgrading your app or website to multilingual with high-quality content or localizing technical documents, Lisan is adept at providing IT Translation Services that blend technical authenticity with the local lingo.

We help streamline your business interactions with international clients, accelerate global marketing, and iron out cultural barriers to get across to your target audience.

We have provided translations in over a hundred languages, ranging from Indian languages, West and South Asian to major European languages. With Lisan, you are assured of quality and dedication as we understand your unique needs and provide the finest solutions for the best possible results.

Our Expertise in Information Technology and Technical Translation

Expert and experienced translation services enable the IT and Technical industry to localize and globalize their products and services effectively without losing out on the gravity of technical content.

Technical Descriptions (Machinery and Products)
Our translators can translate documents concerning your IT or technical products and equipment.
IT Documentation
IT environments require the effective and efficient translation of crucial information recorded in IT documents, including credentials, configurations, SOPs, and more.
User Interface (UI)
We ensure your Human-Computer interactions within your IT and Technical products and services are available globally.
User and Manufacturing Manuals
You can make your products more accessible to a global audience by providing them with well-translated manuals, regardless of whether it is for the manufacturer or the user.
Any software that you have expertise in can be translated into any global language.
Mobile Applications
Your IT applications can be expertly translated for mobiles or any other devices catering to the nativity of the user.
Safety Instructions
Providing information, instructions, policies, and procedures for ensuring the safe operation and conduct of your products and machinery by translating into your choice of languages.
Specification Documentations
A detailed description of the intended capabilities, appearance, and interactions between the user and a product are highly useful to software developers and users.
Repair and Maintenance Instructions
It is essential to have in-depth information when repairing and maintaining your technical products and services, which we can translate expertly.
Technical Specifications for Certifications and Patent applications

The translation of your IT and technical specifications and information for certification and patent applications, including technical and scientific claims and disclosures, is based on your organisation’s unique needs.

And many more!

How we ensure the top-notch Quality at Lisan?

We leverage an extensive network of local and global experts who help us ensure our clients the finest translation service possible. Our translation quality policy strictly complies with the ISO 17100:2015 standard, which regulates the professional conduct of international translation companies.

  • With a keen focus on the client’s best interests and the requirements specified for the IT and Technical translation, we continuously improve the efficiency of our human translation workflows to minimize the likelihood of errors.
  • All recent developments within the Technical and IT industries are recorded and employed.
  • We employ only professional personnel and linguists with proven academic and professional training to ensure high-quality service.
  • The translators and editors assigned to your project have proven experience in the IT and Technical domains and comply strictly with quality control procedures. 
  • To ensure error-free output, we carefully analyze your orders with multiple levels of internal quality assurance. 
  • We ensure the use of QA tools as an additional step to eventually proof any error that have the slightest possibility to be missed by a human eye.

Over the past decade, we have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe for their technical and IT Translation needs. Our commitment to ensuring our valued clients receive the highest quality output with stringent quality controls makes us your best choice.

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