Widening your markets and reaching out to a broader, multilingual community of potential customers requires more than just having a website translated into multiple languages.

Your products and services will succeed in a new territory only when your entire marketing campaign and collateral communicate in the local language. And, create the same impact as that of your original content.

That’s why you need marketing translation and localization – to directly connect with the new community of customers and create a feeling that your services/products are created for them.

Lisan India, with our expertise in multilingual B2B marketing and digital marketing translation, helps you connect with an extended community of potential customers through precise and culturally-appropriate multilingual translations.

Marketing Translation and Localization at Lisan

Effective marketing material translation allows you to stay ahead of your competitors in new markets. It also improves your search engine optimization (SEO) by ranking your website higher on search engines in different languages.

At Lisan we help you convert your marketing collateral – from website marketing copy, presentations, brochures, or press releases to social media posts – into effective marketing tools with accurate translation and localization.

With our team of experienced translators, language specialists, and marketing experts, we help businesses create effective multi-channel translation strategies that meet their client’s demands and needs.

We ensure that the marketing translations from Lisan help you build brand awareness, customer engagement and boost revenue with its authenticity and tone.

Our Process

At Lisan we have a systematic and consistent approach to the translation and localisation of marketing materials.
To begin with, our in-market experts go through your marketing collateral for a better understanding of the campaign message, tone, and context. This helps us to decide on what aspects can be changed or localized to suit the desired regional/global market.
Our translation team then gets into action under the guidance of the marketing experts to translate the promotional message/content accurately to fit into the context. They translate the original content keeping in mind the cultural interpretations.
Once the basic translation is done, our localization experts polish the content bringing in the local flavour to appeal to the respective target audience. Essentials like headlines and captions, taglines, etc are transcreated to reflect their lifestyle, behavioural patterns, or tastes.
Finally, the chiselled content goes through the tight scrutiny of professional proofreaders and multilingual specialists to eliminate any possible errors or inappropriate or culture-sensitive usages or phrases.

Our Standards

At Lisan, we understand that marketing content is brand specific and needs to resonate with your audience. Our team of expert linguists is well-versed in adapting the original marketing content to local flavors, maintaining your brand voice and consistency.
With our decades-old experience in the field, we know the pace and urgency of marketing campaigns. Quick and detail-oriented, we are flexible and accommodative when it comes to prompt modifications as and when required.
Our team of multilingual experts, professional translators, proofreaders and marketing experts ensures a rigid filtered process of quality control. You receive precise and accurate translation and localization services through our optimal quality assurance processes.
Lisan India complies with international standards and best practices in the translation business. Our goal is to promote constructive communication through translation, minimising region-specific problems.
We understand the importance of localisation in marketing campaigns. Our localization experts are versatile with their respective cultural nuances.

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