Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

The ultimate future of translation

The rapid growth of technology and artificial intelligence is extensively spreading its roots impacting all business industries, and we at Lisan India pride ourselves on helping our clients adopt MTPE/PEMT service to stay on top of the everchanging landscape.

Traditionally, professional translation services have been viewed as complex equation with many variables including volume, quality, cost and turnaround time. Now, it is simplified for good as you can get bigger volumes of task done in less time and cost with no compromise on quality; MTPE/PEMT has made all the difference.

MTPE/PEMT can be simply defined as a hybrid solution for translation which employs expert human linguists to refine a text’s quality using their expertise and intellect after it has been translated by the machine. Even though it is new to the translation world, it is effectively gaining popularity and increasing the pace of workflow.

The three key features that make it attractive are-

  1. Cost-effective
  2. More volume in lesser time
  3. Accuracy and Consistency

How it Works?

Here at Lisan, by including tools and technique, we have by now successfully assisted several clients to achieve their desired goals positively.

We offer our customers options to choose from, “Light Post-Editing” and “Complete Post Editing”, depending on what domain their text belongs.

Roughly summarizing the idea of both of them, we can say-

Light Post-Editing” involves fewer corrections related to readability and context.

It is mainly followed for articles in newspapers, customer reviews, informative notices etc.

On the other hand, “Complete Post-Editing” requires a detailed in-depth work by the native linguist where he covers discrete aspects of consistency, localised cultural references, grammar and spellings etc. It is mostly applied to texts which have high exposure.

At Lisan we offer this service in all supported languages. Our world-class team of native linguists are trained and well-versed in this task and take care of minute aspects to be addressed. They add their nuanced experience to the respective domain and help our customers get results on a wide scale in a short span of time.

Though MTPE/PEMT is at its budding stage, it will, in a short span of time be a mirror to the future of translation. The right MTPE can save business a lot of money and time, lest handled in a correct way and at Lisan we guarantee that.

So, while everything employs technology fastening their pace of work, why should you be left behind!

Fasten your seatbelts and let the languages speak the best for you and take your message to the world all around with Lisan.

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