Gaming is a vast industry. And the market is enormous and enterprising – if you know how to make it sway to your tunes.

What if your games are limited by language and do not reach a potential, wider segment of target audience?

Get your games to a whole new audience worldwide and make them more immersive through the most accurate and engaging gaming translation and localization services from Lisan India.

Gaming Translation & Localization at Lisan

There are multiple services in gaming translation.

Provide in-game language options so that there will be no linguistic hurdles for gamers, as they can select the language they prefer while gaming.

Provide linguistic support that will help players communicate or raise a query in their comfortable language.

Provide Gaming Website Translation where your gaming website is translated into multiple languages allowing players from different countries to access and understand the information available on the website in their native language.

Our Process

In-game translation comes with its own distinct challenges that have to be handled with utmost attention. A brilliant game can often be reduced to mere chaos if the players do not understand the language well enough to follow the progress.
Lisan’s team of gaming translators are professionals who are adequately well-versed with the industry, the gaming concepts and scripting, to grab the essence of the context and come up with accurate results.

Most often the translators have to work with abstract contextual information. Our professional gaming translators have a good grasp of gaming concepts and a sharp eye for bilingual translation to negate this gap and come up with meticulous results.

While translating in-game content, our localization experts and linguists ensure that your audience is able to connect with the story and empathize with the characters.
We convert the alien culture, lingo, or connotations into recognizable and comprehensible concepts.
Team Lisan ensures optimal gameplay by creating a seamless gaming experience that doesn’t look like translated.

Our Standards

In the gaming industry, translations are not limited with gaming website translation or marketing material translation or product description translations. It could get deeper with storyline translations, screenplay translations

At Lisan, our gaming translators are familiar with, and understand the nuances involved in translating content for games.

Creative thinking and flexibility are the hallmark of a professional gaming translator. Experts at Lisan know very well that mere substitution of dialogues word by word doesn’t work in gaming. They are experienced in using creative thinking to ensure smoother translations that will not sound awkward or absurd in the new language and cultural setting.
Accuracy and Quality Assurance
Accuracy and quality assurance are paramount when translating gaming industry material into another language. Professional gaming translation services at Lisan ensure that all content is accurately translated so that players enjoy a similar experience regardless of their native language.
Cultural Sensitivity
One of the biggest challenges when translating gaming material is cultural sensitivity. The taboos in speech or expressions can vary through Europe, Asia or the Middle East. Lisan India employs experienced native speakers who understand the cultural nuances associated with each language, ensuring that all translations are accurate and culturally appropriate.
100% Human Translation
While it may seem like a luxury to hire professional translators, it’s actually more cost-effective than relying on automated translations. Lisan relies on human translators as they have an original, creative approach and bring in the right translation that is more contextual than literal.

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