Who we work with

Our native translators are the backbone of all the achievements Lisan India has. They are the most essential members of our extensive team and the best experts in their concerned language.

Quality translation is a signature trait of Lisan India and this is what helps us entwine with the trust and faith of our clients.

We make sure that the project is handed to the most deserving and experienced linguist who is well-aware of all the ins and outs and is a veteran in his field.

The linguists have deep knowledge of the domains they work in and are always prompt and keen to perform research-based translation. Our translators are attentive towards the client’s instructions and can positively handle the most intricate client requirements with ease and patience, thus providing a refined output.

How we Hire Freelance Translators

All our translators undergo minute screening before they become part of Lisan India.

Below, we have briefed the procedure as to how we include Translators in our team for translation.

  • We filter applications initially based on the nativity of the linguist. Non-natives are not included.
  • Their CV is studied and examined if they fulfil the following basic criteria:
    (a) They have a degree in any subject,
    (b) at least five years of experience in translation,
    (c) a certificate/diploma in his/her field of expertise,
    (d) at least five years of dedicated experience in the field of expertise.
  • If they fulfil the above criteria, they are moved to the further for the empanelment test.
  • Once their test is received, they are minutely reviewed by another expert linguist of the target language across the parameters of Accuracy, Format, Grammar and style.
  • Meanwhile, our internal team verifies the claims made by the applicant about their experiences and work through the references provided in their CVs.
  • Based on the result of the test, if they Pass it, they are finally empanelled as Translators in our team.
For all the number of languages we offer our services in translation, we have an extensive database of native translators. The quality, dedication and expertise of our translators have remarkably held us high in the world of translation, and we can’t thank them enough for all their support throughout.