Flawless Flavours for Your Diverse Markets

Gone are the days when consumers struggled to keep up with your mode of language and expression. Today, it is the customer who is on the bigger front and the business have to adapt according to their language and culture for the latter’ growth.

As a player in the global markets, the perimeters of globalisation are determined by your adaptability to individual markets and cultures. Localization has become the inevitable tool to help you transit across diverse topographies, engaging global users through tailored experiences.

At Lisan India, we work to help your business blend in with global communities, ensuring that your content speaks their language and imbibes their cultural connotations to gain traction in new markets. For the same, website localization works wonders and can provide a giant leap towards multiplicative growth.

Our localization services help you glide smoothly over the many hurdles of global markets, as well as communication and cultural barricades that could slow down your business momentum.

How Do We Make a Difference?

With Lisan India, the exhaustive and often complicated task of localizing large-scale content (like your entire online presence or website, landing pages, UIs, blogs, etc”) becomes easier and hassle-free with the help of an impeccable end-to-end process that facilitates planning and preparation to high-quality delivery and client reviews.

With our extensive network of multilingual experts, we help you tap into potential cross-border markets and gain the attention of an international audience, thus amplifying your sales, growth, and profitability.

Our easy-to-access and user-friendly system helps you cut down on time, money, and efforts in improving the quality and local flavours of your translated content.

We help you

  • Streamline the localization processes for diverse regions
  • Ensure high quality website localization and app localization for a substantial range of industries
  • Stretch beyond multiple languages on your website through website localization, hence, eliminating language barriers in a positive attempt to reach out your varied target audience
  • To culturally align your localised content, thus addressing specific market preferences and enhancing direct interaction with your customers across the globe
  • Eliminate embarrassing cultural blunders and misinterpretations
  • Reach wider markets and new audience
  • Build trust and brand loyalty in diverse markets

Our Expertise

We serve diverse industries with our broad network of native linguists and subject matter experts:

IT/ Software

Expand your global reach by adapting your software solutions for international markets. Our team of linguistic experts ensures seamless localization, user-friendly interfaces, and culturally relevant content. With Lisan India, your software speaks the language of success across borders, driving customer satisfaction and growth.


Break language barriers and reach global audiences with our expert translation services for technical documents, user manuals, and software interfaces. Our skilled team ensures accuracy, clarity, and consistency, enabling your technical products and services to shine in international markets.

Life Science and Healthcare

Unlock the potential of your medical research, clinical trials, and healthcare solutions with our specialized localization services. Our experienced team ensures precise translations, regulatory compliance, and localized terminology, enabling you to effectively communicate with diverse global audiences.

Law & Legal

Navigate the complexities of global legal markets with confidence. Our expert linguists provide accurate translations of contracts, legal documents, and regulatory materials while maintaining the integrity of legal terminology.

Finance and Banking

Expand your global reach and connect with diverse markets through our expert financial content localization services. We ensure accurate translations of banking documents, investment materials, and regulatory information, while adhering to industry-specific terminology and compliance requirements.

Marketing & Consumer Goods

Boost your marketing efforts and increase consumer engagement with expert content localization services. At Lisan India, we understand the importance of tailoring your marketing materials to resonate with local audiences. From website translations to culturally sensitive packaging, our skilled team ensures your consumer goods capture hearts and minds worldwide.


Capture the hearts of gamers worldwide by translating game scripts, user interfaces, and marketing materials with precision and cultural sensitivity. Our dedicated team ensures your gaming content resonates with players across languages, unlocking global success.

Human Resource

Bridge cultural gaps and communicate effectively with global teams through our tailored solutions. From employee handbooks to training materials and HR Softwares/applications our skilled team ensures accurate translations, culturally sensitive terminology, and compliance with local HR practices.


Unlock the global stage with our exceptional entertainment content localization services. From movie subtitles to TV show scripts, our expert linguists capture the essence of your entertainment content, making it accessible and enjoyable for diverse audiences worldwide.

Market Research

Our expert teams specialize in localizing market and product surveys, questionnaires, and more, ensuring maximum engagement and higher response rates from your target markets. Unlock valuable data and gain a competitive edge with Lisan India’s seamless multilingual solutions.

Why Lisan?

Through top-notch quality checks and technology tools, Lisan ensures a seamless and cost-efficient process of localization.

Our wide network across the globe helps us tune in to varied cultures. Our localization team comprises translators, subject matter experts, and native speakers from all corners of the world to ensure that the end results carry flawless local flavours to suit your customers.
File compatibility
We provide our localization services in the most compatible file types/formats that make it easy for you to access and use. We engage up-to-date tools that are compatible with a wide range of file types/formats which facilitate prompt completion of projects.
Safety and security of your confidential data/information and intellectual property is our prime and indistinguished priority. We have a legal NDA for all our involved members under which they are bound to strictly follow the protocol for privacy and security.
With Lisan, be assured of data portability and scalability that keeps your localised content easily accessible for repurposing or other future use.
We keep you in the loop throughout the localization process, to keep track of updates, thus providing transparency that helps eliminate miscommunication or subsequent translation blunders.
Lisan facilitates meticulous communication and transfer of information to cut down on factual errors, data loss and misinterpretations, especially on legal records, business reports, etc.

In the current global era, having a great online presence, an impressive website, or an enticing product design is only as deep as having an unmatchable customer experience. For your business, that could be the missing link which is required to connect with worldwide markets, boost brand awareness and get customers to relate to your brand rather than that of your competitor.

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