Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Scope – This Privacy Policy is applicable to all personal data received by Lisan India Language Solutions LLP,, and (referred to as “Lisan India”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) in any format. Lisan India is committed to ensuring that all global data handled by our offices complies with the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy.

Who are we?

Lisan India serves as a potential data controller for your personal data, also referred to as personal information. This implies that Lisan India has authority over your personal data and may employ it for various purposes, including sharing information with data processors we collaborate with. However, depending on your relationship with us and the context, Lisan India can also act as a data processor or a sub-processor of your personal data.

Understanding Personal Data:

Personal data pertains to information associated with an identifiable living individual. This identification can be established solely based on the data itself or in conjunction with other information possessed by the data controller or likely to be obtained by them. The collection, usage, and processing of your personal data may be subject to diverse data privacy laws and their relevant regulations.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data:

The personal data we gather and handle is essential for your seamless utilization of our technology products and typically includes the following:

  • Your name, email address, and username (if applicable) when utilizing any of our technology platforms.
  • Your IP address.
  • Your country of residence or time zone.
  • The company you are directly associated with or providing services to while utilizing any of our technology platforms.

Lisan India ensures compliance with applicable privacy laws by fulfilling its obligations. This includes maintaining up-to-date personal data, securely storing and disposing of it, refraining from excessive data collection or retention, safeguarding personal data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and disclosure, and implementing appropriate technical measures to ensure its protection.

The personal data you provide or have previously provided to Lisan India may be stored in our data center located in India.

Purposes of Collecting Your Personal Data:

We collect your personal data for the following reasons:

  • To provide you with access to Lisan India’s services and technology platforms.
  • To administer and manage user accounts, as well as take necessary actions related to those accounts.
  • To offer user support and address any complaints or inquiries you may have.
  • To keep you informed about opportunities, events, and activities undertaken by Lisan India or its clients. This includes updates regarding upgrades, downtime, training, and feedback.
  • To notify you about any changes or enhancements made to our technology products.
  • To gather business intelligence based on usage trends derived from personal information.
  • To transmit data directly to another data processor, linguist, Lisan India’s client, or a client of Lisan India’s client in connection with the services provided to such parties.

What is the legal justification for processing your personal data?

We process your personal information, pursuant to your consent, based on various legal grounds, which include:

  • Compliance with our legal obligations
  • Performance of a contract between Lisan India and yourself, Lisan India and a Lisan India’s client, or between you and a Lisan India’s client (for example, enabling you to submit or carry out projects using the technology products)
  • Legitimate business interests of Lisan India (such as engaging with Lisan India’s clients to fulfill contract requirements and maintain records)
  • Protection of legal rights and interests, including the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims

Further processing:

In the event that we intend to use your personal data for a new purpose that is not covered by our existing privacy policy, we will provide you with a new notice prior to initiating the processing. This notice will explain the new use, outline the relevant purposes and processing conditions. If necessary, we will also seek your prior consent for the new processing.

Sharing your personal data:

We treat your personal data with the utmost confidentiality. It is shared internally only among employees and linguists of Lisan India who are bound by a written non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In certain limited circumstances, we may share your data with third parties, such as other technology applications, as directed by Lisan India’s client for the purpose of integration.

Sale of personal data:

Under no circumstances do we sell your personal information.

Retention of personal data:

We will retain your personal data for a period no longer than reasonably necessary for maintaining our ongoing business relationship, record-keeping purposes, and in the event of any legal claims or complaints.

Additional processing:

The term “processing” of personal data encompasses various activities involving the handling of personal data, including collecting, storing, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing, disseminating, and making the personal data available.

Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change as required by relevant laws. Any necessary changes will be incorporated into an updated version of this policy and communicated to you.

Lisan India’s privacy practices are self-certified and align with the current guidance on achieving compliance with data privacy regulations based on the latest legal and regulatory recommendations.

Cookies and Website Privacy Practices:

The Lisan India website utilizes cookies, tracking pixels, and similar technologies. Cookies are small files that are placed on your device by our platform. These cookies, either from us or third parties, serve various purposes such as operating and personalizing the website. Additionally, cookies may be employed to track your website usage in order to deliver targeted advertisements on other websites.

When clients visit Lisan India’s website, no personal data, such as names or email addresses, is tracked. Instead, Lisan India only monitors the Internet Service Provider that accessed the site, as well as statistical data indicating the number of site visitors, the requests received, and the country of origin of those requests. This information is used to enhance our website and provide better service to our clients, but it does not constitute personal data.


You will have the option to decline the use of our cookies. By choosing to decline, you will be excluded from further communications regarding business opportunities or our services.

Your rights and your personal data:

Under this privacy policy, you have the following rights (unless exempted by applicable law):

  • The right to request a copy of your personal data held by Lisan India.
  • The right to be informed about the categories and purposes of the personal data we collect about you.
  • The right to request corrections to any inaccurate or outdated personal data held by Lisan India.
  • The right to request the erasure of your personal data if it is no longer legally required for Lisan India to retain such data.
  • The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time.
  • The right to request a restriction on further processing if there is a dispute regarding the accuracy or processing of your personal data.

To exercise your rights regarding data rectification, erasure, access, and/or restricted processing, please send an email to [email protected]

Confidentiality and Freelance Linguists:

Lisan India regards all materials received from clients, vendors, and employees (referred to as “CVEs”) as confidential, as governed by existing confidentiality agreements. These confidentiality provisions are mandatory in all contracts with clients, vendors, and employees. Prior to affiliating or working with Lisan India, each entity must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Lisan India engages a network of over 1,000 freelance linguists to assist in translation tasks. As part of their assignments, these linguists may receive the name of the client they are working on, but no personal data about the client is shared, unless it is necessary for execution of the task. The freelance vendors may have access to personal data contained within the source documents and reference materials provided for translation. However, all freelance vendors are bound by confidentiality agreements, which require them to maintain the confidentiality of the information and use it solely for their assigned projects.

Termination and Data Deletion:

Any party has the right to terminate its relationship with Lisan India and request the deletion of their personal data. However, as permitted by applicable law, Lisan India will retain historical business records to preserve its knowledge and relationships for potential legal or regulatory inquiries in the future. This practice benefits both parties, ensuring that identifying information related to specific matters is accessible but sufficiently separated to prevent accidental contact for future projects.

Clients’ Choices

Lisan India respects the choices of its clients regarding the access, use, and retention of personal data. While maintaining contact information and specific billing details is necessary for conducting business, the extent of stored information can always be discussed with a Lisan India representative. If there are concerns about personal data contained in the information provided for language services projects (such as source or reference material), we recommend redacting the sensitive information before sending it to Lisan India or discussing alternative solutions with your representative. Additionally, measures can be taken, including forced anonymization of information and restricting translation efforts to de-identified data only.

To better cater to our clients’ needs and provide information about additional services, Lisan India may occasionally send details about these services. If any client prefers not to receive such information, they can opt-out by informing their Lisan India representative in writing.

Choice for Lisan India employees:

Lisan India employees have the choice to decide which information is shared with other employees, affiliates, and third parties (such as clients). Such information will only be disclosed with the written consent of the employees and solely for the intended purpose, without any other use.

Access and Correction:

Any individual CVE (client, vendor, or employee) has the right to request a copy of the personal data collected by Lisan India, as well as confirm the content of any personal data related to them. In accordance with applicable law, the individual CVE also has the right to correct, amend, or delete inaccurate information.

Clients can make such requests by contacting their Lisan India representative or reaching out to the Lisan India Privacy Officer.

Vendors can make requests by contacting [email protected].

Employees can make requests by contacting the Lisan India Human Resources department or the Lisan India Privacy Officer.

Lisan India will not disclose this data to third parties without the consent of the CVE, except when required by law or during a registrar or regulatory audit.

Data Integrity:

Lisan India is committed to maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and relevant data for the intended use by CVEs. Necessary measures are taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the data. Regular email and written correspondence with CVEs contribute to this process. However, it is highly advised that CVEs actively monitor the information they provide to Lisan India and proactively request access to their personal data while promptly notifying Lisan India of any necessary corrections.

Data Security:

Lisan India maintains rigorous physical and logical security measures to safeguard all digital and paper records. A comprehensive policy outlining these security procedures is available to clients upon written request. Access to these records is restricted solely to approved staff members. Critical systems, such as servers, can only be accessed by a limited number of authorized personnel. Lisan India internally manages its information security and regularly conducts audits to ensure compliance with its procedures and industry best practices.

Independent Recourse for Privacy Complaints and Contact Information

Lisan India is dedicated to addressing any complaints regarding the collection or use of personal information. To exercise your rights, raise inquiries, or file complaints, please contact: [email protected]

We strive to provide a response within 15 working days from the time you send your initial email regarding a privacy or confidentiality matter.


Lisan India commits to verifying compliance with its Privacy Policy at least once a year, as part of its annual review and internal compliance measures. We will make every effort to maintain compliance with this Privacy Policy, ensuring its accuracy, comprehensiveness, and alignment with applicable laws. We encourage CVEs to directly communicate any issues or concerns regarding data usage and noncompliance with our Privacy Policy to Lisan India’s Privacy Officer. Our Privacy Officer will address and resolve such complaints promptly.

Lisan India provides information on the following topics through policies and training:

  • The individual’s ability, under specific conditions, to invoke binding arbitration.
  • Your organization’s obligation to disclose personal information in response to lawful requests from public authorities, including national security or law enforcement requirements.
  • Lisan India’s liability in cases of transferring personal information to third parties.

For complaints related to our Privacy Policy that cannot be resolved through our internal process, we agree to follow the dispute resolution procedures established and completed within Delhi, India.

Effective starting from April 2023