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In today’s broad spectrum of online education, where you have the opportunity to access any course of your choice from expert tutors across the globe, learning has no limitations now.

But when the best of the international coaches speak another language, how do you understand and follow it diligently?

No more worries! Lisan India helps you upgrade your skills and knowledge on an international level through effective and easy translation services.

A good translator holds the key to better understanding of multilingual instruction materials through the most accurate, yet simplistic interpretation.

At Lisan, our team of professional multilingual specialists, experienced translators and subject matter experts ensure that you do not miss out on any valuable information from your eLearning classes.

eLearning Translation Services at Lisan

At Lisan India, we call ourselves inter-cultural mediators between global learning and training communities.

With years of experience as one of the renowned language service providers in India, we provide authentic translations of eLearning materials to ease the burden of a global community of learners, trainers, and job-seekers.

We translate an extensive range of eLearning resources like online lecture notes, course guidelines, application forms, etc. from the original language to your native language, making learning easy and fun.

Learning Material that require translations:

Course Syllabus and guidelines
Course prospectus/brochures
eLearning lecture notes
Video training materials
Admission forms
Research papers
Textbook translations
Reference letters
College/course certificates

Our Standards

Uncompromised Professionalism
Lisan has collaborated with corporates, training professionals, and students for a variety of learning material translation like corporate training material, research papers, online lecture notes, etc.
Expertise Perfected by Experience
Translation teams at Lisan comprise translators, technical editors, proofreaders, and copy editors. Timely delivery and quality assurance are our prime concerns at Lisan India.
Committed Attention
E-Learning material translation needs strong focus and attention as missing out on any words or sentences could jeopardize the essence and purpose of the training. At Lisan, utmost attention is given to the translation process eliminating any misinterpretations or errors.
Integrated expert logic
We never ignore the importance of human logic. Every academic translation at Lisan goes through strict scrutiny by our language specialists who are capable of providing alternative terms as only the human mind can. Our team of subject experts look into the technical accuracy of the translated material to ensure quality results that you desire in your training sessions.
A Versatile Team
The eLearning translation team at Lisan is handpicked from a wide spectrum of subject experts who are adept at recognizing the specific nuances in the field. Our linguists are professionals who are versatile with academic translations.

And with the above, you can rest assured of a high-quality translation that caters to language requirements of more than 100 languages.

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