Market Research

Market research translation is a niche that’s as challenging as it is crucial to businesses.

Whether it is Market Research Report Translation for the marketing team, Customer Satisfaction Survey Translation for the Sales Department or Employee Involvement Survey Translation for your HR team, accurate translations help you assess the needs and wants of your multilingual markets effectively.

Effective translations of your research results can help you get a clearer view of different cultural preferences, new customer segments, or unique regional trends and give you the necessary edge while entering new markets.

As a huge portion of your marketing strategies rests on the research outcome, it takes experience, patience, and exceptional understanding of research processes to effectively translate related documents.

Market Research Translations at Lisan

While dealing with market research, translation processes – like Questionnaire Translation, Survey Translation, or Presentation Translation, etc – need to look beyond word-to-word substitutes, grammar, or terminology.

Many market concepts in the source language may not have equivalents in the target language, brand perceptions could differ with every community or region, and socio-cultural norms that influence communication or behaviour patterns could vary drastically.

At Lisan, we understand how significant it is for your market research and surveys to reach a broad community of buyers – within the diverse Indian territories or across international borders.
Our experience in assisting quite a handful of clientele to accomplish effective translation in the field of marketresearch has given us the edge in providing the most relevant and accurate translations for customer feedback and research data.

Our Process

Multilingual market research could often involve a double translation. First, there is the survey part as you assess or investigate various local markets. And second, the multilingual feedback gathered from the respondents.

This double process could lead to the risk of wrong information. Hence, at Lisan, we pay the utmost attention to our market research translation procedures.

First, we gather all background information, as understanding the context is crucial especially in survey translation, or questionnaire translation.

It helps our translators to understand what to expect from the responses and craft the questions accordingly in a more meaningful manner. Lisan’s native translators then finetune the questions so as to make them sound natural.

Our experienced translators strive to integrate the cultural nuances into the survey process to facilitate an emotional connection with the respondents that prompts them to provide more authentic insight for your analysis.

Our Standards

We at Lisan are familiar with the fast-paced nature of marketing initiatives. Quick and attentive to detail, the translation team at Lisan is flexible and versatile in making changes swiftly and efficiently:

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality market research translations that enhance your marketing goals.
  • We adhere to strict standards of accuracy and consistency in our translations, keeping the target content as accurate as the source data.
  • We strike the ideal balance between technology and human-based processes to reduce errors and ensure fast delivery.
  • Automated translation could often make your data hard to understand. Our translations are entirely done by humans so as to not miss or misinterpret any nuance that could be missed out on automated processes.
  • We pay attention to regional differences and cultural nuances and accurately assess audience preferences to provide authentic translations that reflect a complete understanding of the source text.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure that our translations are as expected and perfect.
  • We strive for fast turnarounds, so you can get your project off the ground quickly and efficiently.
With our attention to detail and commitment to providing the best solutions possible, you can rest assured that your research data will fuel your market goals in the right direction.

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