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When it comes to law, you cannot err. With legal rights, information and implications, the stakes can be high. Even a seemingly common word is capable of stirring up a storm when used in the wrong context.

The thin borders of diverse legal documents can be assessed only by subject experts. For instance, a Lease Agreement Translation must be handled differently from a Court Proceedings Transcript Translation.

Translating such varied legal documents, however complex or simple, requires great attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of another language, culture, and legal framework.

And that’s what Lisan excels in.

Lisan India offers expert translations for all your legal documents in diverse languages and at affordable price. Our team of experienced translators, subject experts, and linguists possess the required understanding of the nuances of court systems across different regions and cultural settings.

How we Get Through

While translating your legal content, we place great emphasis on precision. Conscious and well aware of the judicial nuances of the source and the target countries, we take caution to avoid any error that could adversely affect the legal procedures or cultural norms.
Professional team of translators

We assign a professional team of translators; highly qualified subject matter experts who guarantee precision and compliance with the rules of legal document translation.

Careful analysis
To ensure an error-free process, careful analysis of both the original and target languages are doen with precise terminologies that are relevant for the context and purpose.
Post-translation Checking
we have our professional team of subject experts with legal background, bilingual experts, and proofreaders who screen the translated content to ensure accuracy and quality.
Legal knowledge
Keeping our extensive legal knowledge up-to-date is a crucial part of our process.
Client Edit
We are accommodative of corrections and modifications from our clients as we understand the gravity of having error-free documents in the legal industry. 
Certification & Notarization
We ensure that, if required by the client, the legal translations are certified and notarized by the relevant authorities before delivery.

Our Standards

What makes Lisan unique
Translators Owned Business

As a translator owned-business, we understand the importance of being familiar with relevant terminology and having a general understanding of both the source and target legal systems.

Our decades-old experience in the field of legal translation services helps us in producing tailor-made results for our clients without compromising on accuracy.

Agile and Adaptable
Lisan’s expert team are adept at handling varied legal translation projects with skill and competence within the shortest possible time. We adapt quickly to your unique needs, and with a specialist proofreading team, we ensure that your legal documents are translated with the highest quality and accuracy.
With constant rewiring of legal systems across the globe, we strive to stay updated on the variations and processes of the legal spectrum of your source and target locations. We utilize technological innovations in our translation processes to keep up with global standards and swift delivery.
100% Human Translations
Using a completely human-powered translation process means we can maintain the original legal nuances in the translation. We understand the immense risks that mistranslations and incomprehensible legal content can cause.
Responsibility of Authenticity
Lisan India takes responsibility of all the legal translations performed. Catering to the needs of the client, we make sure that the translations are certified to be officially recognised and used in the court. Basically, it includes all such documents like certificates, personal documents and court and administrative documents that require notarisation and signature by a licensed legal authority.
Competitive Pricing

Our fair and flexible pricing strategies and superior customer service guarantee satisfaction and high-quality results.

We provide fast and efficient legal translation services using Lisan India’s expert translation strategies. Learn more about Lisan India’s services by contacting us immediately!

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