Establishing your company in the highly competitive and formidable Indian financial sector, and gaining the trust of a wider market is a tough game.

In a country that has more than twenty official languages and over two hundred mother tongues that spread across 29 states and 8 Union territories, effective communication can be a bumpy ride. You will fail to catch the attention of the local audience if you don’t speak their language!

At Lisan, we help you reach out to newer markets, communicate fluently and conquer new heights with a new make-over in a range of vernacular languages.

Banking & Finance Translation/Localisation at Lisan

Translating and localizing your financial content – from website, apps and promotional videos to brochures, transaction receipts and application forms – can transform the way you connect with your customers.

Efficient translations of your financial content into native languages and customizing them with the local lingo will ease your way into unfamiliar territories and make you look as if you “belong.”

Localization experts at Lisan will help you:

  • Overcome cultural and language barriers
  • Ensure a better personalized experience for your clients
  • Gain the trust of your new/prospective customers
  • Improve customer relations and engagement

Our Process

To begin with, our financial translator will analyze your content to spot any bottlenecks early on. Documents like application forms that are intended to collect valuable or confidential information/data from clients need clarity. Hence the translations must help customers comprehend the instructions and provide the right information without confusion.

All general content will be translated to target language and localized, keeping in mind the cultural or regional milieu of the target sector to eliminate confusion or misinterpretations.

When translating for global customers, nuances like numbering, dates, addresses, etc will be localized as per European, Asian, the Middle East or American standards.

Important factors like currency exchange rates, compliance regulations in specific regions etc will be taken care of to make your documents accurate and aligned to your new market.
As the financial sector calls for high security and confidentiality, the translation and localization processes require experience, expertise and secure handling of sensitive data.

Our Standards: What makes Lisan unique

To grow in the Indian market or enter a wider global market, through effectual localisation, you require expert translation services that specialise in the financial and banking sector.

Your association with Lisan India, will help you cross over borders and ease your way into the national or international market smoothly.

Having decades of experience translating financial and banking documents, Lisan India is managed by a team of expert translators who specialise in adapting to the unique linguistic requirements of banking documents

Native Translators
Our team of native translators has been specially selected for their experience in the banking and financial sectors and are backed by expert linguists and financial experts who possess an understanding of localization of financial and banking documents in respective regions.
Diverse categories of document translation
Our teams are well-versed at the diverse categories of document translation like Loan Agreement Translation, Bank Statement Translation, Receipts Translation, Financial Education Content or Banking Software Translation that is rudimentary in the banking sector.
Precise translations
Providing precise translations is a priority for Lisan India. Our team of proofreaders analyse your content and run multiple checks to ensure its accuracy.
Consistent methodology
No matter what type of translation you require, from Bank Website Translation to Account Opening Form Translation, we follow a consistent methodology that recognizes the functions of various banking documents.
Adaptive to the latest changes
We are adaptive to the latest changes in finance regulations, technology, economic climates, and consumer preferences on a local and global scale.
100% human-powered translation
By utilising a 100% human-powered translation process, Lisan India provides a higher level of accuracy than machine translation by understanding the nuances and context of the banking industry. Financial Education Content Translation or Letter of Credit Translation, our goal is to ensure efficiency without compromising on quality.
International standards
Our translations adhere to international standards, enabling you to employ your documents both locally and internationally. We optimise our translation strategies so that they provide the highest quality technical results while maintaining confidentiality.
Fair and Flexible Pricing
With our fair and flexible pricing along with our exceptional customer service, we are the ideal choice for your financial translation requirements.
Using Lisan India’s expert translation strategies, we provide fast and efficient translation services for all banking documentation needs. Lisan India welcomes your inquiry about its benefits. Be sure to get in touch with us today!

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