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In the healthcare and life sciences industry, access to the right information is crucial, whether for patients, healthcare providers or caregivers.

As a domain requiring the highest level of accuracy and reliability, healthcare translations must ensure clarity and stay true to the original source content. It is the translator’s responsibility to ensure that not only the gist of the content, but even the most complex medical or research terminologies are translated with 100% accuracy and clarity.

And that’s where expertise and experience count.

At Lisan India, we believe in superior quality translations that rely on precision and accuracy, be it Medicine Leaflet Translations, Clinical Study Document Translation, or Patient Information Forms Translation.

Our Process

Misinterpretations, miscommunication or even the absence of appropriate explanation in one’s native language can leave people confused and anxious, and can lead to grave consequences like wrong diagnosis or treatment and even death.

As well-versed players in the field of healthcare and life sciences translation, Lisan India has developed a stringent process of translation and quality check that eliminates even the most minor errors.

Our team of native translators has been chosen for their background in the health sciences. They have proven experience in life sciences and healthcare translation, with expertise in localization as well as translation.

We remain up-to-date with all the recent developments and terminologies in the healthcare and life sciences spectrum and choose distinct translation processes depending on your translation needs. We make sure to follow specific rules depending on the type of the document provided to us in order to maintain the authenticity. For example: The process we use for Patient Information Forms Translation would differ from our process for Hospital Software Translation.

We are aware that mistranslations can have serious consequences in the healthcare industry. Our distinct process ensures an error-free translation that strictly adheres to accurate and equivalent terminologies conveying true essence of the content.

We engage a tightly secured and efficient proofreading process where our multilingual experts analyse your content and run multiple checks to ensure precision.

Our Standards: What sets Lisan apart

A first-hand know-how of healthcare translations
An initiative from experienced translators, Lisan India is adept at catering to your unique healthcare translation needs with refined results. We adhere to a specialised approach for any translation needs, from Clinical Study Document Translation or Drug Leaflet Translation to Hospital Software Translation or Life Science Apps Translation.
Impeccable quality over multi-domains
Quality at Lisan comes with decades of experience in the field of healthcare translations. We have grown with the industry and know its pulse. Our emphasis on superior translation services is rooted in our understanding of the dire need for prompt and accurate translations in healthcare. Our expert team of healthcare and life sciences translators, linguists and subject experts are well versed with the terminologies and the diverse domains within the medical/healthcare/life sciences translations.
We understand that healthcare is an industry that runs on wheels. Every minute and second counts. The reason why we have adopted a swift service that is fuelled by advanced technology. We constantly update ourselves with the advancements in the healthcare sector so as to familiarize ourselves with new medical concepts and terminologies.
100% Human Translations
With a 100% human-powered process, we are confident in maintaining accurate communication. It is imperative to the healthcare industry that essential information is not lost during communication and that peace of mind is sustained. Across the sector, we are committed to patient-centred results and cater to the linguistic needs of many individuals within the industry.
At Par with Global Standards
We provide translation services that are aligned to, and satisfy international standards of quality.
Flexible and Competitive Pricing
Our fair and flexible pricing structure enables you to arrange for quality translations from an experienced team, making Lisan India an excellent choice for your healthcare translation requirements.

Lisan India provides fast and efficient translation services for all your life sciences, and healthcare translation needs with our expert translation strategies. Please get in touch with us immediately for more information about Lisan India’s services.

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