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Translation as a development tool

In this era of globalization, we can achieve publicity of our business, products or services throughout the world within few seconds using a social network of say thousands of friends, followers, etc. With the help of internet we can exhibit our business internationally and can easily make international clients. Internet connects us but understanding the requirement and views of our clients and friends from various countries is our responsibility.

While trying to do that, we find language as the greatest barrier. But it is not a problem anymore as now you have companies like Lisan India which provides translation services in India. Lisan India provides one-stop package as a language service provider and deals in all sorts of translations and content writing services.

At Lisan, we deal with a wide range of domain including but not limited to the following:

Medical Translation

We provide translations for the contents of medical domain. All the documents involved in medical procedures are translated in the most precise manner at Lisan India. We also work on medical transcription projects.

Legal and Financial Translation

We have a very competent team, which works on the translation of legal and financial documents. We, at Lisan India, take care of all legal documents, notices, etc. associated with various services and their translations. We are a great linguistic service provider and are working day in and day out for our clients’ satisfaction.

We realize that legal and financial documents are very precisely written, and they should be translated with great care and attention. No can afford a mistake of even a single word in such documents. And so, we work on such documents with great precision and accuracy.

IT and Technical Translation

We, not only work for medical and legal domains but also work on translation projects of IT and other technical domains. We have many high-profile clients who are highly satisfied by the quality of our deliverable and show great trust and faith in our organization.

Multimedia Translation

This is a vast domain and has a large diversity of projects for translations. Writing subtitles in one of the most common examples of such translations. Other very common example includes voice over translation services. We work with well-known clients in this domain.

Advertising and Marketing Domains

We do translation projects for big advertising companies. Advertising, as the name suggests, is a way of propagating products, services, etc. to various parts of the world and therefore, “translation” is an integrated part of their projects.

Publicity is effective only when it is done using the localized language of that area. This is because that language is easily understood by people and leaves a deep impact on their minds. And, therefore, advertising and marketing companies are greatly in need of such services. We have a very satisfied and happy clientele in this domain as well.

Personal and Educational Translations

In this era of information, one who is good at acquiring information and retaining the same is the most successful person. Because information is easily available on the internet, anyone can view that information, no matter at which part of the globe, he/she is living. It thus becomes very important to publish that information in various languages, so that it reaches maximum number of people. We do translations for Educational institutes, which provide distant learning programs, in various parts of the world.

Website and Mobile App Translations

Websites play very crucial role in the expansion of one’s business. As the website is created with an objective of spreading the business across the globe, it again needs to be published in various languages and various parts of the world. Same is the case with mobile apps. Websites, to the great extent, are replaced by respective mobile apps. People prefer navigating on the mobile app, as it is convenient and faster than a website.

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