Data transcription services involve the process of transcribing data, in which data is transformed from one format to another. Transcription of audio into text, hard copies into digital data and video into text format are some of the services that are typically provided.

Today transcription is a requirement faced by businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as professionals and students in various fields. Having a documented text format of a company’s audio and video files is utterly necessary for businesses. Having a text version of audio and video files makes it easier to understand what is being said in the audio and video.

We are proud to say that Lisan India has become the first preference of India’s leading research, academic and media organizations and hospitals. The most important reasons of these achievements are that we are the most affordable transcription service in India. We offer 200% guarantee on our timelines and accuracy. We are able to offer such a high quality because our transcriptionists have the competence to understand all region specific accents and dialects. They have experience in translating thousands of hours of audio and video recording including academic research interviews, business interviews, focus groups, meetings, conferences, lectures, symposiums, panel discussions, teleconferences and webinars.

We have the following transcription Services:

  • General voice to text
  • Promotional Audio & Video
  • Academic Interviews
  • Conference lectures
  • Panel Discussions