As India slowly becomes one of the prime destinations for medical care in the world, we at Lisan believe in bringing that care to you. Lisan works and engages with some of the best hospitals and doctors in India, to ensure that you get the best medical treatment.

India is a large and vibrant country, and even the most experience travelers can get overwhelmed. In times like this, what is needed is a guiding hand to coordinate and simplify every step of your treatment, so that you can only concern yourself with getting your medical treatment behind you. We bring to you the best doctors and state of the art facilities and tailor the entire journey to your every need, to ensure you have the best and most comfortable experience.

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Why Choose India” opened=”closed”]India is a land of contradictions, where ancient philosophy and modern science exist together. Where we take the advances of modern medical science and infuse it with ancient Indian philosophy. Health is an experience of happiness in the soul, mind, and senses.

Its central tenet is that life is a combination of body, mind, senses, and spirit. In India, we help you heal.

India is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. India has some of the world’s finest doctors, quality healthcare infrastructure and low cost of treatment. For a fraction of the cost in the USA, a patient can receive the same quality treatment. Success and morbidity rates are on par with the USA, and major surgeries are up to 20% of the cost in the West.

It is estimated that over 250,000 people come to India for medical treatment annually. Many Indian hospitals are aware of the perceptions that exist in the West, and those hospitals catering to foreign tourists adhere to US standards like Food and Drug Administration, hoping to end such notions.

Unlike other Asian countries, which aggressively recruit physicians from around the world, India produces some of the world’s finest physicians, in excellent in-country teaching Hospitals and research centers. To put things in perspective, almost one in every six Specialist in the USA is of Indian descent.[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle]

What we offer?

Fast Medical Consultation

We provide expert advice and fast medical opinion as per specific needs of patient within our wide range of options Fast Medical Consultation

Detailed Plan of Action

We assist our patients and their attendants with our step by step guidance with high level of clarity and understanding

World Class Physicians

We work only with highly ranked medical practitioners and hospitals benchmarked among top in the country level standards

State of the Art Facilities

Our empanelled hospitals are characterized by their state of the art facilities and global standard

Affordable Costs

India is known for its cost effective medical procedures in compare to all major medical tourism destinations.

Language Interpretation

We provide interpretation services for all major languages, so that patients and their attendants can

Dedicated Patient Care

We appoint a dedicated patient care officer/relationship manager for every patient who assists them

Airport Welcome

We meet and assist at the airport on arrival / departure for all patients and attendants on Airport

Accommodation Options

We have empanelled a wide range of hotels, guest houses and arrange bookings for attendants and

Easy Communication

We assist patients and their attendants with all possible means of enabling them to easily communicate

Tour Guidance

International patient want to visit India’s tourism destinations after completing their treatment procedure

Visa Assistance

We assist international patients in obtaining, extending and registering medical Visa through online and offline mode

Foreigner Assistance

FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration office) registration is mandatory for all the foreign nationals in India

Shopping Assistance

People enjoy shopping in India after getting their treatment procedure done. We provide a complimentary